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Image: The TSolution One Surgical System advances joint replacement procedures (Photo courtesy of THINK Surgical).

A new surgical system brings active robotic precision to total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and total hip arthroplasty (THA).

The THINK Surgical Surgical System (Fremont, CA, USA) is based on an innovative robotic platform that allows a surgeon to create a personalized pre-surgical joint replacement plan using three-dimensional (3D ) based on computed tomography (CT) and an open source implant library in order to obtain an optimized surgical plan. The TSolution One uses two revolutionary technologies that work in synergy to bring an exceptional degree of precision and accuracy to total joint replacement:

The TPLAN 3D planning workstation is a preoperative planning computer system with 3D modeling and simple point-and-click control. Pre-surgical planning begins, for example, when the TPLAN converts the CT scan of the patient’s hip joint into a 3D surface model of the femur. The surgeon then selects an implant from the open library of legally marketed implants and places it along the axes of the bone, using anatomical landmarks, adapting it to the patient’s anatomy in order to obtain a optimal fit and alignment.

During surgery, the computer-assisted TCAT tool uses the preoperative plan created by the surgeon for the preparation of the bone cavity and joint surface, the removal of diseased bone, and the preparation of the bone cavity and joint surface. articular surface with submillimeter dimensional accuracy. The surgeon uses a digitizer to collect points and locate the exact position of the patient’s anatomy for precise surgical implementation using a range of specialized drills. If bone movement occurs, the system is shut down and the recording system helps the surgeon quickly recover the position of the bone and resume surgery.

“We are delighted to offer one of the most advanced technologies in total knee replacement through the TSolution One Surgical System to the European market and other countries that rely on the CE mark,” said John Hahn, CEO of THINK Surgical. “Obtaining the CE mark represents a key step towards the continued global commercialization of our differentiated robotic technology and our commitment to improving the lives of patients and partnering with surgeons to transform orthopedic surgery. “

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