Sunnyvale Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Center Grand Opening


An orthopedic surgeon based in Sunnyvale, Texas, opens a surgery center focused on sports medicine and recovery from injury or joint degeneration.

Sunnyvale, Texas – February 24, 2022 – With the start of the new year, Dr. John M. Hibbitts, orthopedic surgeon and Texas board-certified sports medicine specialist, celebrates the first year of opening his full-service sports medicine-focused orthopedic clinic. , joint preservation and total joint arthroplasty. . The center serves patients in Sunnyvale, the greater East Dallas metropolitan area, and throughout Dallas County. The Sunnyvale Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Center opened in 2021, providing specialized non-surgical and surgical diagnosis and treatment for patients seeking relief from shoulder, hip, knee and knee pain. peg. To accompany the inauguration, the Center also launched a full-service website and a secure patient portal, where patients can request consultations, schedule appointments and manage their medical documents.

Since 1994, Dr. John Hibbitts has practiced medicine in South Carolina and Texas, treating thousands of patients in need of partial or complete joint replacement, rotator cuff repair, cartilage graft , ligament repair surgery, and more, with incredible results. Her new private practice will allow her to exercise her belief that all people should be treated with compassion, through quality individualized treatment plans and personalized attention. Dr. Hibbitts prefers a holistic, patient-centered approach, which may include physiotherapy and non-surgical rehabilitation techniques instead of or in addition to surgery.

What is Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine? : An orthopedic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in the management of musculoskeletal conditions, especially those of the major joints of the body. A sports medicine specialist focuses on injuries and chronic damage caused by repetitive motion stress, especially those experienced by athletes and sport participants.

From Dr. John Hibbitts: Regarding the momentous launch of his private practice center, founder Dr. John M. Hibbits, MD said, “This event marks a dream come true for me. For over twenty years I have worked to build a private practice center that focuses on injury, recovery, treatment and restoring people’s lives in specialty sports medicine. I am honored and excited to offer these services in Sunnyvale and the greater Dallas area at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Sunnyvale Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Services: The Sunnyvale Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Center is staffed by a team of trained and credentialed medical professionals who are dedicated to helping every patient lead an active, pain-free life. The Center is open five days a week and follows all local, state and federal best practices for patient safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although surgery is not necessary in the treatment of all degenerative or injury-related joint pain, some patients experience the greatest pain relief and mobility recovery after surgery. Surgeries are often performed arthroscopically using micro-cameras and specialized surgical tools. Many procedures are minimally invasive outpatient procedures and do not require a hospital stay.

Dr. Hibbitts and his team suggest complete and partial hip and knee replacements, where they replace damaged joint tissue with a prosthesis. The Center also performs reconstructive surgeries for common conditions such as rotator cuff tears, knee instability, meniscal tears, bone fractures, and ligament tears.

As one of the few orthopedic surgeons in the Dallas area to offer state-of-the-art InSpace balloon surgery for rotator cuff injuries, Dr. Hibbitts aims to be Central Texas’ go-to expert for this type minimally invasive treatment for arthritis of the rotator cuff. It also offers options for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, mini-open rotator cuff surgery, and fully open rotator cuff surgery. The doctor has extensive training in cartilage grafting, which is frequently used to repair deteriorated cartilage due to damage caused by a degenerative disease, such as arthritis.

About orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, Dr. John Hibbitts:

Dr. Hibbitts received his MD from the University of Texas at Galveston. He completed residency training at the University of South Carolina Department of Orthopedic Surgery and fellowship training at the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine and Orthopedic Center. He is a member of several professional organizations, including: the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the American Medical Association and the Texas Medical Association.

Meeting the Needs of Sunnyvale Residents:

Dr. Hibbitts and his team diagnose and treat patients of all ages who suffer from joint pain due to osteoarthritis, injury, or sports-related stress. The Center is proud to work with student-athletes from the Rowlett School District and Sunnyvale Independent School District. The Center also offers discounted rates for first responders, firefighters and police personnel. They accept payments from Workers Compensation Insurance and TRICARE Military Insurance.

About Sunnyvale Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Center:

The Sunnyvale Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery is an orthopedic center based in Sunnyvale, Texas, serving patients seeking recovery from musculoskeletal pain caused by injury or degenerative stress. The Center offers non-surgical and surgical treatments for shoulder, hip, knee and ankle conditions. Founded in 2021 by Texas board-certified orthopedic surgeon John M. Hibbitts, MD, Sunnyvale Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Center is staffed by an experienced and professional team that offers compassion and understanding to each patient. Conveniently located near I-635 and Highway 80.

Additional information can be found by visiting or by calling (214) 544-9829.

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