Sanford Health to build two clinics and orthopedic hospital in $ 209.5 million expansion


Sanford Health will build two new clinics and an orthopedic hospital under a $ 209.5 million construction plan over the next three years.

The health system announced on Tuesday that it would complete five projects, including its first clinic in growing city of Harrisburg and a new clinic at the corner of East 57th Street and Hwy. 11, as well as massive expansions and additions to its main campus in central Sioux Falls.

“To us, this sends the message that we will improve our existing service lines,” said Paul Hanson, CEO and President of Sanford Sioux Falls. “We see an opportunity where the community grows.”

The projects Sanford announced this week are part of the healthcare system’s efforts to provide more services to parts of the city and surrounding areas that gain thousands of new residents each year.

Following:Sanford Health plans to open health services in Harrisburg

Renderings of the $ 209.5 million expansion of Sanford Health.

The clinic on 57th Street and the freeway. 11 is located in the most south-eastern corner of the city, where the development of new neighborhoods and huge apartment complexes has attracted many new families to the area.

Sanford is the first to announce plans for the intersection. Its clinic there will measure 42,000 square feet and be completed by 2021. Moving into this still undeveloped pocket of Sioux Falls will allow Sanford to serve more households in the city and surrounding area, including Brandon patients. and northwestern Iowa, Hanson said. .

Harrisburg’s 16,000-square-foot clinic will open at Cliff Avenue and Willow Street this spring and is expected to be completed within a year, Sanford Health said in a statement.

“We see Harrisburg as a growing community, a progressive community,” said Hanson.

The Harrisburg and East 57th Street clinics will have a Lewis drug attached.

Renderings of the Sanford Health expansion.

An orthopedic hospital on the main Sanford campus is also under construction, with hopes that it will open by 2023. The 163,000-square-foot building will open in the summer of 2021 and will include 12 operating rooms.

The Sanford Heart Hospital is also undergoing a renovation this month, adding 26,058 square feet, including 16 additional patient rooms. It should be finished by the end of the year.

Finally, the Sanford Van Demark building will also be expanded by 33,000 square feet starting in fall 2020, with the goal of being completed by spring 2022. The expansion will add 23 examination rooms, from space for eight additional surgeons and 12 advanced practice providers.

Sanford’s broad development plans for the next few years are part of the rooftop health care strategy, which involves bringing services closer to residential neighborhoods in Sioux Falls, Hanson said.

“This is a strategy that we have been implementing for decades,” he said.

A render showing Sanford Health's planned clinic for southeast Sioux Falls


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