Orthopedic surgery resumes at Sister Hospital in Cheektowaga


After the pandemic puts elective surgeries on hold in 2020, the hospital will resume orthopedic procedures and become a center of excellence for orthopedic care.

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY – A year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic ended all elective surgeries at area hospitals, including the Sisters of Charity Hospital in Cheektowaga.

Today, after a one-year hiatus, the Sisters’ Hospital, St. Joseph Campus, resumes orthopedic surgery. In addition, the hospital will expand its services, as part of a Catholic Health overhaul plan, to create a “service-oriented center of excellence.”

“Our orthopedic co-management group has met regularly to plan for the resumption of elective cases, develop new safety protocols, and plan for the continued growth of our program,” said Walt Ludwig, Kenmore Mercy Hospital President and CEO from the Orthopedic Department of Catholic Health. “It kept us focused, so when we were finally able to resume elective cases, we were able to get started quickly. “

Catholic Health says that despite temporary suspensions of elective surgeries in 2020 due to the pandemic, the hospital system has been able to meet the demand for orthopedic care.

“As we look beyond COVID-19, the reputation of the St. Joseph Campus for providing locally and nationally recognized orthopedic care will set the course for our future,” said Aaron Chang, president of the Sisters of Charity Hospital, Main Street and St. Joseph. Campus. “With the orthopedic team and facilities we have in place, and our strong focus on quality and safety, we will continue to provide the best orthopedic care while expanding services to more patients across our region. community. “


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