New treatment at Mercy Orthopedic Hospital could help limit opioid drugs


Mercy’s orthopedic surgeons give the treatment called iovera a week or two before surgery.

A patient says it changed her life.

“When you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night and have been through a whole day in pain, it’s not a fun way to live,” said Keli McDonough.

Keli McDonough lives in the Ozarks with her husband Brian McDonough, Managing Director of KY3. She has had two knee surgeries, the first without the new iovera treatment.

“I just did everything I used to do, had an operation, and then took opioids,” McDonough said.

She says she continued to take opioids for months after the surgery.

“I was taking a lot of it, felt sick, my head was cloudy just about everything to do with the pain relievers and I still had excruciating pain, I thought,” McDonough said.

As a result, when the pain became unbearable and it was time for her other knee to have the operation, the doctor recommended a new approach.

“I thought if there was a way to avoid not having the pain I had after the first operation, then why not, I had nothing to lose,” McDonough said.

The new treatment freezes the nerves around the knee, ultimately blocking pain signals without damaging tissue.

After iovera, the patient will then have knee surgery.

Dr Robert Jones, orthopedic surgeon for Mercy, says some people won’t experience much pain after surgery, which will prevent them from taking a lot of pain relievers such as opioids.

McDonough agrees as she says she would forget to take her opioids because she was in so little pain.

“I didn’t even think about needing it after I got back from the hospital, it would last eight hours, my God, I haven’t taken painkillers for 8 hours, so after 2 weeks I had some. I stopped taking Tylenol completely, McDonough said.

She says knee surgery has changed her life for the better.

“I can walk, I can, in fact, pass my dog ​​now where before she passed me and it wasn’t because I couldn’t breathe through her or follow her because the pain was so intense that after a block I just wanted to go home, ”McDonough said.


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