National Orthopedic Hospital Holds Free Surgery For Patients With Split Forceps


By Chinedu Adonu, Enugu

Respite is on the way for children born with a cleft lip as Enugu National Orthopedic Hospital, in collaboration with Smile Train, now offers free comprehensive surgery and palate care to patients in the South East region. .

The gesture was declared at a national slot stakeholder forum, southeast area, held at the Enugu National Orthopedic Hospital yesterday.

With the theme “Planning for Sustainable Comprehensive Cleft Care Activities,” the forum urged residents of the South East to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the free medical program.

Addressing the meeting, the chief medical director of Enugu National Orthopedic Hospital, Dr Cajethan Nwadinigwe, noted that the program offered hope to patients with cleft lip in the then southeast. that Smile Train partner with the hospital to provide them with free medical care.

He instructed stakeholders to take advantage of the opportunity created by the group to allow more people to have access to free comprehensive cleft care.

“It is hoped that this meeting will trace the gains and challenges of multidisciplinary cleft care in the South East region with a view to providing the solution to the challenges that militate against factions that are stumbling blocks,” he said. he declares.

In his remarks, a plastic surgeon from Enugu National Orthopedic Hospital, Dr Ifeanyi Onah, called on the people of the Southeast to bring their children with cleft lip and palate to a comprehensive program and Free cleft care.

Onah, Founder of Smile Train, said: “Today is a good day because we are here to discuss how to educate people with cleft lip and palate about the free comprehensive care that has been available for some time. across the country. The South East and National Orthopedic Hospital and the Good Shepherd Hospital are the hospitals where free treatment has been provided in Enugu ”.

“My message to the stakeholders is that they have been trained on the operation and that they have the patients; we want them to let these children know that there is free care for those with a cleft lip. They don’t need to keep these children at home, neglect them or hide in shame, ”he said.

Dr Onah, who lamented the low turnout in the number of patients with cleft lip since the start of the fiscal year in 2006, said the stakeholder meeting was called because they don’t see many patients in benefit, adding that out of 100 births, there is the tendency to have a cleft lip / palate problem.

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