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Legacy Good Samaritan Orthopedic Surgery Inpatient Recovery Shelf

Contractor project coordination, focus on Legacy security assistance during the pandemic

Good eveningLease Crutcher Lewis and Legacy Health have partnered on a 12,000 square foot renovation of an existing behavioral health unit to create a new orthopedic surgery inpatient recovery floor, including 16 new patient rooms and a gymnasium. re-education.

However, as the project was winding down in March 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Legacy opted to use the new unit to serve as a COVID-19 wing once complete. Lease Crutcher Lewis, knowing that future access to the space would be impossible as it would soon be housing COVID patients, compiled an extensive checklist that ensured the space was fully completed at rollover.

During construction, an extensive coordination effort between the design team, Legacy and Lewis was made to ensure patient and staff safety was maintained during an invasive part of the project where existing facilities were linked to the new wing of the hospital.

The team devised a plan that achieved an efficient work sequence while ensuring the safety of patients and hospital staff. The project was completed without incident to crew, patients or staff members, and all hospital health care services remained fully operational throughout construction.

This is just one example of Lease Crutcher Lewis’ successful safety culture. Since 2015, he has implemented several initiatives, including SafetyNet, a cloud-based predictive modeling program that allows every Lewis employee to track sightings and corrections via smartphone.

Root cause analysis is performed with safety management and corporate management in partnership with specific site teams. The outcome of the RCA process includes determining the cause of an incident and solutions to avoid a similar situation in the future.

“It’s an integral aspect of our security program because RCAs are shared across the enterprise. Our goal is to proactively prevent incidents, rather than simply reacting to accidents once they occur,” said Lease Crutcher Lewis in his appointment.


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