Launch of the Sanford Orthopedic Hospital project in Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Implementation of the US$161 million Sanford Orthopedic Hospital project, developed by Sanford Health, has begun, with the recent groundbreaking that took place at its main campus in Sioux Falls, NY. South Dakota. The hospital building, which was originally announced in 2020 before the COVID-19 outbreak, will be the tallest building on campus, rising up to 9 stories.

The Sanford Orthopedic Hospital project will occupy up to 205,000 square feet and the new health facility will replace the parking lot used by visitors to Sanford Children’s Hospital. The building will be placed on the south side of Sanford Children’s Hospital and west of the Surgical Tower. A connecting path will also be created linking the new hospital to the rear of the surgical tower.

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Development plans for Sanford Orthopedic Hospital project

The hospital project will utilize the unused 44,000 square feet of renovated space adjacent to the Sanford Surgical Tower, as well as 161,000 square feet of new space. Design plans for the project show 12 operating rooms, 19 inpatient rooms, and 56 medical suite rooms to be used as hotel rooms by family members of patients.

According to Dr. Kristofer Kimber, an orthopedic surgeon at Sanford Health, these rooms will also be used to accommodate patients who may require close observation but are not necessarily required to stay overnight. The hospital will also be equipped with an intraoperative MRI machine, which will provide real-time imaging during surgeries, making it the new home of the orthopedic residency program.

The Sanford Orthopedic Hospital project is expected to create more job opportunities in Sanford and replace several orthopedic surgeons the health organization has lost in recent months. The hospital project is expected to be completed by the fall of 2025, and Sanford intends to recruit between 10 and 15 surgeons to the new facility over the next two to four years.

The Sanford Orthopedic Hospital project development team will include Henry Carlson Construction, as general contractor, with Sioux Falls-based Architecture Incorporated and Chicago-based HKS as designers.


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