HSS surgeons react to 13th best orthopedic hospital ranking by US News


New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery was named the No. 1 Hospital for Orthopedics for the 13th consecutive year by US News and World Report.

The hospital was also named No. 3 in rheumatology nationwide, according to a July 26 news release. American News evaluated more than 4,500 hospitals in 15 specialties for its 2022-23 ranking. HSS has outperformed other hospitals in spinal fusion, hip fracture, and hip and knee replacement.

In 2021, SHS surgeons performed 36,870 orthopedic procedures and nearly 446,000 non-surgical consultations were performed by clinicians.

“Our extraordinary focus on musculoskeletal disorders enables us to provide highly specialized, patient-centered care to help people get back to what they need and love to do,” said Bryan Kelly, MD, chief surgeon and medical director of the organization. in the release. “A combination of factors has enabled HSS to achieve exceptional results: the highest standards of patient care and safety; our dedication to evidence-based medicine, including technological advancements; our fundamental research in the treatment musculoskeletal disorders; and our commitment to educating physicians, surgeons and researchers who will help shape the future of musculoskeletal care.”

S. Louis Bridges Jr., MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Rheumatology, said in the release, “We will continue to respond to changes and challenges in healthcare by adopting an integrative care approach that responds Our goal is to improve the lives of our patients through innovative, evidence-based treatments and dedicated research to advance the field.


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