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Publications of Dr. Zlotolow

Selected books/chapters

Dan A. Zlotolow, Scott H. Kozin. Arthrogryposis. Operative surgery of Green’s hand. Elsevier 2021.

Kozin SH, Zlotolow DA, Soldado F. Priorities and rationale for treatment of brachial plexus birth injuries. Operative surgery of the brachial plexus. Elsevier 2021

Zlotolow DA, Ramirez R. Pediatric fractures of the elbow, forearm, and wrist. ASSH manual of hand surgery. ASCH. 2020

Zlotolow, DA. Arthrogryposis. Pediatric hand rehabilitation. Eds: Abzug J and Kozin SH. Elsevier. 2020

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Dan A. Zlotolow. Pediatric fractures of the elbow, in The elbow and its disorders. Eds: Morrey BF and Sanchez-Sotelo. Elsvier 2017.

Letourneau P, Zlotolow DA. Acute scaphoid fractures in children. In Scaphoid Fractures, Yao J Editor. Springer, New York 2015.

Scott H. Kozin, Dan A. Zlotolow. Thumb hypoplasia. The pediatric upper limb. Abzug JM, Scott H. Kozin, Dan A. Zlotolow, editors. Springer, New York, 2015.

Scott H. Kozin, Dan A. Zlotolow, Joshua M. Abzug. Secondary procedures involving the elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. The pediatric upper limb. Abzug JM, Scott H. Kozin, Dan A. Zlotolow, editors. Springer, New York, 2015.

Dan A. Zlotolow, Josh Abzug, Scott H. Kozin: arthrogryposis, Madelung deformity, synostoses and multiple hereditary exostosis. ASSH manual of hand surgery, 2013.

Selected journal articles

Zlotolow DA, Tueting JL, Kozin SH. Fixation of displaced medial epicondylar fractures in adolescents. JBJS Essential Surg Tech. July 14, 2021; 11(3).

Zlotolow DA. Osteochondral Autograft Transplantation for Capitellar Osteochondritis Dissecans. JBJS Essential Surg Tech. 2021 May 12;11(2):e20.00032.

Van Bosse HB, Zlotolow DA. Orthopedic Management of Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. JPOSNA. 2021.

Ayzenberg M, Clippinger B, Slate El, Kozin SH, Zlotolow DA. Outcome of osteochondral autograft transplantation in pediatric patients with capitellum osteochondritis dissecans. Hand Surgery J. 2021;23:S0363-5023.

Farr S, Martinez-Alvarez S, Little KJ, Zlotolow DA. The prevalence of the Vickers ligament in Madelung deformity: a retrospective multicenter study of 75 surgical cases. The Journal of Hand Surgery: European Volume. January 2021: 1753193420981522.

Pino PA, Zlotolow DA, Kozin SH. What’s new in congenital hand surgery. J Pediatric orthopaedics. 2020;

Zlotolow DA, Kozin SH. Hand and wrist injuries in the pediatric athlete. Clin Sports Med 2020;39:457-479.

Pino P, Intravia J, Kozin SH, Zlotolow DA. First results of nerve transfers for severe cases of acute flaccid myelitis. Annals of Neurology. 2019;86(4):607-615.

Zlotolow DA, Lipa B, Pahys J. Team approach: treatment and rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury resulting in tetraplegia. JBJS Rev. 2019 Apr;7(4):e2.

Zlotolow DA. Surgical management of shoulder spasticity. Wink by hand. 2018;34(4):511-516.

For more publications, please see the PubMed list.

Selected presentations

Morley M, Gilbert G, Zlotolow DA. Neonatal forearm compartment syndrome: an often missed diagnosis. Orthopedic Research Society, Poster No. 1595. February 4-8, 2022.

Russo S, Kozin SH, Zlotolow DA. Transfer of the supinator to the anterior interosseous nerve to restore pinching and grasping in tetraplegic patients. Annual meeting of the ASPN. 2022.

Hoffman R, DeWolf M, Kozin SH, Zlotolow DA. Use of intercostal nerve transfer for restoration of shoulder function after viral spinal cord injury. ASPN annual meeting January 2021.

Aversano M, Kozin SH, Zlotolow DA. Abstract #SPP0525 Scientific ePoster. Transfer of the superficial digitorum flexor tendon for wrist extension in brachial plexus injuries at birth. 75th Annual Meeting of the ASSH, San Antonio, TX. October 1-3, 2020.

Ali S, Goldbach A, Awan O, Zlotolow DA. Congenital forearm dysplasia. 119th Annual Meeting of the ARRS, May 5-10, 2019, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Lindholm E, Grewal H, Latreille J, Zlotolow DA. Intercostal to phrenic thoracoscopic transposition for diaphragmatic resuscitation in tetraplegic children. American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting, Therapeutic and Technological Advances Section, Orlando FL, November 5, 2018.

Greenhill DA Trionfo A, Ramsey F, Kozin SH, Zlotolow DA. Postoperative loss of midline function in the brachial plexus Birth Palsy. Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, May 2018.

Frizzell K, Kozin SH, Zlotolow DA. Latissimus bipolar transfer for the restoration of active elbow flexion in patients with amyoplasia. World Congenital Meeting, Hong Kong. March 2018.

Daluiski A, Trehan S, Zlotolow DA, Zhang Y, Do H. Incidence of polydactyly in New York State, USA. World Congenital Meeting, March 2018. Hong Kong.

Richards C, Ramirez RN, Zlotolow DA. Does age contribute to elbow release outcomes in arthrogryposis. The 2017 AAHS Annual Meeting, Jan. 11-14, Waikeloa, HI.


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