AJ Johnson visits FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital


AJ Johnson visits FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital

The Complex Orthopedics and Spine Foundation (FOCOS), a non-profit organization that provides access to comprehensive and affordable orthopedic care, welcomes American actress, choreographer and physical trainer Adrienne-Joi Johnson, known as by AJ Johnson, here in Ghana at FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital in Pantang for a two-day visit.

The seasoned actress, who was recently appointed FOCOS Ambassador, will interact with senior members and heads of departments of FOCOS, including CEO and Founder Professor Oheneba Boachie-Adjei.

Noted for her role in the hit 1992 film, “Sister Act,” AJ expressed how exciting it is for her to be with FOCOS.

Expressing her enthusiasm to work with FOCOS as an Ambassador, AJ said: “I am very honored and delighted to join the FOCOS family. FOCOS’s work is founded on changing lives, and for me, bringing THE AJ ZONE style of a healthy mind, body and soul to this mission here in Ghana and around the world, is a divine opportunity for me to walk for a purpose. The warm welcome from staff and patients was invaluable.

Commenting on AJ’s willingness to work for FOCOS as an Ambassador, Prof. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei applauded his concrete efforts to help advance the mission of FOCOS. The CEO and founder of FOCOS also took the opportunity to remind everyone gathered that there are over 4,000 patients awaiting surgery.

AJ Johnson, who first visited Ghana in December 2018 for the famous ‘Year of Return’ program, hosted by the Ghana Tourism Authority, was delighted to return to Ghana to render selfless service to FOCOS as a ‘ambassador.


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